Prom Dresses in the Eyes of Guys

Prom dresses – This has been every high school girl’s problem. What jaw-dropping stunning dress will I wear on Prom night? This is a big deal for many girls. After all, prom is the highlight of anyone’s high school life and getting the most attention on that night is everything in high school. There are many ways to gain attention, but to be in the spotlight, you’d have to wear the best prom dress.  This has been the mind set of most, if not every, girl. But what do the boys think?

True enough there are different kinds of boys, and each would look at the dresses differently and similarly at the same time.


There are indeed different kinds of boys. There are the boys who want girls to wear revealing dresses. Some would want them to wear conservative dresses. Some would want blue, black, white or whatever color. Bottom line, every boy would want something different.

Delicate Beadings Sequins Chiffon Floor-Length Prom Dress


However, despite all these preferences, guys think alike. It’s not really about the dress, it’s about you. Whatever dress you wear. It’s still you who they’re going to look at. If you really want to get attention, then wear something revealing or out-of-this-world, and let me tell you this, you will definitely get attention among boys if you wear something along those dresses, but they will still be boys, and not men, and they are not mature enough to see beyond the dress, you.

Terrific A-Line Sweetheart Beading Evening Dress

So if you want to get the attention of those who matter, just wear something simple yet comfortable. Trust me guys, or men, will see you, and not the dress. There is beauty in simplicity and comfort, and men see that. Check this out:

So if it’s your prom and you’re problematizing what to wear, just wear whatever you’re comfortable with, and be you. People who matter will see you and give you the right attention. Remember, you don’t need to wear the best dress to get the best guys.

Ready your Prom Shoes

Ready for prom? Okay, so you have your dress ready, Make-up, hair.. but oh! How about your shoes? Worry no more be cause i have made a checklist that will help you get ready for the big night.

It’s never to son to get an idea of what kind of shoes that you like. You can scan for magazines and pay attention for the latest styles. Don’t have time shopping? Then check out :

Our feet swell as the day progresses so be sure that it fits for the big night. Bare legs or Hose Its totally your choice. Choose a shoes that you’ll be able to dance and avoid ones that will pinch your feet. You can always wear flats if you’re not comfortable with heels. Check this out.

Gorgeous Navy Stiletto Heels Closed Toe Women Prom Shoes

Luxurious Rhinestone Platform Stiletto Heels Prom Shoes

Exquisite Black Hollow Stiletto Heel Pumps Shoes with Buckle


As a general rule, opt for shoes that are the same tone, or darker than your dress. If your dress is a formal, glamourous-type gown, try a simpler pair of prom shoes. Sling backs or mule would be great. For casual strappy sandals will always be the best option.

So there you have it! It’s maybe a simple tip for you but keeping that in mind will save you a lot of time and energy. Goodluck princess and enjoy your prom.

Evening dresses tips

Women should choose an party evening dresses that complement’s her shape. Petite women should avoid evening gowns with a billowy feel or layers upon layers of fabric. To show off a petite figure, try something a bit clingier, perhaps with only a single layer of fabric. Women with rectangular-shaped bodies should look for evening gowns with marked waistlines for a shapelier look. Dresses with a different color on the tops than on the bottoms are also ideal for creating more defined waistlines. Pear-shaped women can create balance by drawing attention to their upper halves with gowns that feature fitted bust and waist areas with flowing skirts. Empire waist Evening Dresses flatter apple- or round-shaped women by accentuating the bust areas and flowing loosely down the rest of their bodies. Check out for cheap evening dresses online.

party evening dresses
party evening dresses
party evening dresses

Personal taste and event style dictate which long evening dress fabric you should choose. Chiffon dresses for example, are sheer, soft, and sexy. They fall delicately over the body, clinging to curves. Silk chiffon has a shimmery appearance which is ideal for formal evening events. Velvet dresses are extra formal with their soft, elegant appeal and are a bit heavier if you are heading to winter formal events. Women can choose evening party dresses with sleeves during winter season. Satin is another popular fabric choice for evening dresses because of its lustrous appearance. Organza evening dresses are sheer and crisp with a natural shine. They often feature layers of organza as embellishments in the form of tiers, ruffles, and rosettes. It is important for you to choose a stylish fabric that you like and that fits the event you are attending.

After deciding on an evening dress style and fabric, it is important to consider what color flatters your complexion. If you have with fair skin, choose softer colors and pastels. Coral, soft blues, pinks, and creams flatter fair skin, without swallowing you up with bright colors. If you have a dark complexion on the other hand, go for brighter dress colors like ruby red or emerald green to complement your skin color.