Gown styles for Brides

Each bride has her unique dream dress on her wedding day. But whatever look she has in mind, her main goal is to look and feel beautiful on her dream dress. Women come in all shapes and sizes so selecting a dress style that is suited to one’s body type and height is very important. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Wedding-Dresses-75 for cheap wedding dresses online.

Mermaid gowns – have close fitting bodice and a dramatic skirt that fans out at the knee. This is perfect for brides who aren’t afraid to show their curves as this creates a stunning silhouette of one’s body line. This is style is particularly attractive on hour-glass shaped bodies and taller women. Women with pear shaped body are advised to avoid this gown because it tend to over-emphasize the hips. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Trumpet-Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses/ for cheap trumpet or mermaid gowns on sale.

Ball gowns also have a fitted bodice but with a full fluffy skirt. They resembles the gowns in most fairy tales. It can give a dainty ballerina look and particularly attractive on slimmer woman of average height and medium to full bust size. Women with smaller busts would avoid this style because the balloon skirt may overpower and make the bust look even smaller. Smaller frames such as the petite bride can be overwhelmed by this gown too. Check out cheap ball gowns available in plus sizes at http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Plus-Size-Wedding-Dresses-3576/

Empire gowns has a high waistline that starts just under the bust then flows away from the body. This is perfect for petite brides because it elongates the torso thus gives an illusion of height. It also enhances smaller bust by drawing the attention to the neckline.

A-line gowns features a fitted bodice and an A-line skirt. If you want to be safe, go for this style of dress because you can never go wrong with them. This type flatters most body types and particularly well for pear-shaped women. The skirt camouflages wider hips and emphasizes a narrow waist.

Sheath gowns are absolutely stunning when worn by a statuesque or petite bride. If you are lucky to have a well-proportioned figure, you should go for this type of gown.

Brides need to be open to trying on different styles until they find the right one for their shape and size. Knowing what best suits your body type is the key to finding the perfect gown for you! Check out weekly deals in Tbdress’ cyber mondal deals online, visit http://www.tbdress.com/topic/CyberMondayInTBdress or Join the fun by shopping your perfect gown at incredibly low price! Check out black friday sales at blackfridayInTBdress

Boots shopping tips

Boots are functional and fashionable kind of shoes. They keep you warm and protect your feet during harsh weather conditions. They are also stylish to wear in warm weather and can be paired on almost any summer dress. Here are some guidelines to review before buying your own pair of boots. For cheap women’s boots and leather boots, check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Boots-100923/

  • Window shop and try on as many boots as you can before making your purchase. With this, you will avoid regrets and impulse buying dilemma. You can also try to browse online stores as they have many variations of stylish boots available within your fingertips.
  • Wear socks or stocking when trying on boots. I prefer to get a size bigger than me too so my feet can easily slide in them. Also it gives my toes room to wiggle. A cramped foot or toes will be aching after an hour or so inside the boots.
  •  Inspect the quality of the boots. It must have supple leather, solid and steady soles, and a firmly attached heal. Go for designer ones so you are sure it’s price worthy and can last longer. Also, check the linings of the boots. Make sure it is firmly attached and cannot be easily torn. The wider the heel, the better it is for walking.
  • Decide on the style and functionality. Are you going to wear them over an evening party or night dates? or are you going to wear it on a daily basis? Know which boots to be stylish than the others and which boots that needs comfort over style. If you are skinny, look for a boots with slim heel otherwise, choose a knee length boots for women with thick calves.

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Vintage wedding gown

I always like classical and vintage style dresses because they never go out of style and they remain elegant at all times. That’s why more brides are embracing all things vintage and nostalgic. Are you wanting the same theme for your wedding but don’t know where to begin? Let me help you achieve the vintage look for your big day. Check out http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Vintage-Wedding-Dresses-5475/ for cheap vintage dresses available in different cuts and style.

Let’s start with you. Your make up should look vintage too but still fabulous. Classic smokey eyes of browns and creams or soft eyes with bold lips are the perfect combination to achieve a vintage look. A red lipstick sport a classical and vintage look effortlessly.

Hair accessories are a must in vintage weddings. You can have a lot of fun with different hair accessories to choose from. Pin curls, birdcage veil and vintage accessories works well with your hair down or up. Use your creativity and search for inspiration online.

More is more when it comes to vintage wedding jewelries. Look for classical and timeless pieces like pearl earrings or crystal chandeliers for a glam look.

Whichever era you want to portray in your wedding day, make sure that your gown and theme stays in line. You can incorporate this aspect to your wedding decor or table centerpieces. Vintage-inspired garlands or banners are a hit especially one that states “JUST MARRIED”.