Blazers for every occasion

Blazers are available in a range of patterns that are suitable for both men and women. While it may seem daunting to wear a patterned blazer, they are great options that can fit into most settings, from work to a night out. Here are a few ways that these great jackets can be worn. Check out

woman blazers
woman blazers
woman blazers

  • Work environments can vary in dress codes, but many companies will have a dress code that is more relaxed than what is required for an interview or important presentation. A woman blazer for work should still be in a conservative color and style. A subtle check pattern is a good option for work wear as it is visually interesting and still conservative. A blazer worn in a professional setting should still have only two or three buttons.
  • Outside of work, women have much more freedom in what they can wear. Some patterned blazers will look great paired with jeans and a plain tee shirt. Softer fabrics, like flannel, are comfortable and easy to care for. Flannel is often used with larger checked patterns, which can range from neutral to bright. A very subtly patterned tweed is also comfortable and has a casual look.
  • A special event that requires formal clothing but may not specify an exact dress code. Subdued patterns in darker colors will give a man’s outfit a more formal air without him having to wear a tuxedo jacket. Stripes and checks are always good choices, and houndstooth is a classic pattern that stands out without being tacky.
  • Weddings, unlike other evening events, are often very formal but also very intimate and joyful. Lighter colors are almost always welcome at a wedding, especially summer events, so a pastel striped seersucker blazer is both comfortable in warm weather and suitable for the occasion. Pastel check patterns also pair well with dress pants or khakis and will fit in at a wedding.

Blazers with one button or four buttons are considered to be a more stylish option than other types. A smooth fabric with stripes is a good, classic look for a date, but more daring men can opt for a less common pattern, like paisley. Paisley is a very busy print, so a woman should always pair it with a simple outfit. offers thanksgiving sale at

Electronics Recycling Guide

Manufacturers are constantly offering newelectronics that are more advanced, more feature-rich, and more energy-efficient than the previous generation. So, what do you do with the older devices and equipment as you upgrade? Fortunately, you have a lot of options. Here’s how your electronics can be more eco-friendly.


  1. Consider the sources: The electricity which runs your electronics can come from a variety of sources, such as hydroelectric, wind, solar, coal, and nuclear power. Some methods of electricity generation are more eco-friendly than others. By reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and choosing renewable energy options, you can reduce the impact of your electronics on the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website lets you discover how the electricity in your area is generated. You may also find other options that will allow you to purchase greener power.

  2. Energy-efficient devices: You can reduce your energy consumption in a variety of ways. Pick the equipment that’s Energy Star compliant. Energy Star is a program between the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy to create guidelines for energy consumption of electronics and appliances.

  3. Greener habits: You can also identify wasteful habits and try to reduce or eliminate them. For instance, you can use rechargeable batteries in your electronics instead of disposable ones or back up files on an external hard drive rather than burning multiple backup CDs.


  1. Upgrade: Instead of throwing out that old computer, give it a new life by upgrading some of the components. You can easily upgrade your desktop computer with a new hard drive, video card, processor, and new system memory. Extend the life of your old computers and other electronics by upgrading them with new components that expand memory, increase speed, or add functionality. With a few upgrades, your computer will run like new, and you’ll save significantly over buying a whole new system.

  2. Refurbished: Buying refurbished electronics is a great way to keep slightly used equipment from winding up in a landfill. Buying refurbished electronics will reduce overall demand for new electronics and will save you a lot compared to new retail electronics.


  1. New life for old parts: When your electronics can’t be reused, they can still often be recycled. Computer recycling programs are available in most cities and include drop-off centers where you can take you old electronics to be processed; search to find one near you. Some electronics contain lead, mercury, and other toxic substances. Be safe and avoid breaking old computer monitors, TVs, and batteries. Most electronics containing toxic materials are labeled as such and can’t be legally thrown away; they must be recycled.

  2. Nonprofit donations: Once you’re ready to replace your old electronics, why not let someone else reuse them? Many nonprofit organizations rely on donations for their equipment. Search for nonprofit groups in your area that can distribute old electronics to groups in need or who recycle the materials for money to run their programs. When recycling or donating old computers, you don’t want to donate any personal information with them. Format hard drives and memory cards to be sure that all your old information can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces are my number one accessory. They can make an elegant outfit even more glamorous, or they can dress up a super casual and comfortable look. I just get whisked away by the thousands of women necklaces and all of the different colors and designs. If you’re anything like me, then you might have the same problem as me where you could waste away hours looking at necklaces. Check out

women necklaces
women necklaces
women necklaces

Monochromatic necklaces are composed entirely of one solid color. and are easy to coordinate with any outfit. If the blouse or dress is printed, choose a color found subtly in the print, and match the necklace color to it. If the outfit is solid-colored, choose a shade that contrasts the outfit color. Examples include a blushpink necklace on a jet black blouse or a bright orange necklace on a royal blue dress.

Many statement necklaces include multiple colors or gradients of one color. These necklaces can look too busy with a floral or patterned top, but are perfect for livening up a plain outfit, such as a simple white blouse or solid-colored shift dress. For a formal or work-friendly look, choose a necklace with similar colors that match hues already in the outfit. For a fun night out, choose a piece with a bold mix of contrasting colors.

Statement necklaces have become a popular way to put the finishing touch on any outfit. Adding a statement necklace can turn an outfit thrown together in minutes into one that looks well-planned and put-together. While they vary greatly in colors, materials, and shape, all statement necklaces are meant to be noticed. Often much larger than normal necklaces, statement necklaces are meant to be the dominant accessory worn with an outfit.Visit for more christmas deals online at