Organize your holiday coupons!

This coming holidays, sales and deals are everywhere! It’s also the time where a lot of holiday coupon can be found online and on print. There are several ways that you can organize your coupons. Check out for the best holiday sales this season!

I have found that the easiest way to organize coupons is with a coupon wallet. Each tab in the coupon wallet generally has a type of food: bread, produce, dairy, etc. Simply clip and file in the appropriate pocket.

If you have more coupons than will fit in a coupon wallet, you may need to move up to a coupon box. A coupon box generally offers more storage space and is sturdier to handle a larger weight of coupons.

If you have a lot of coupons, you may need to have a coupon binder. You can cut each coupon out and store it in a divided pocket by product or you can file the whole sheets of coupons in sheet protectors.

To stay organized, I recommend that you also have scissors, pens, and paper clips to keep everything together. Make sure to go through your coupons regularly to remove any that have expired. When you are putting together your grocery list for the week, compare what is on sale to the coupons you have. Make notes on the store flyer to indicate which products you will be buying and what quantities you have coupons for. For more ideas, check out my collection.

Must have fashion shoes

Does a new pair of shoes brighten up your day? Do you have a closet full of shoes like me? Do you believe that our shoes sometimes matches our mood? If you nod while reading this. Chances are you have one or more pairs of these types of shoes below. For cheap women shoes, visit

Classic pumps. They are a must-item just like the little-black-dress outfit. It suits every wardrobe and work perfectly from day to night. I have a gazillion pairs of this type but I recommend having atleast one neutral color like black or tan.

Ballet flats. We love heels but we want to give our legs a break once in awhile. So whatelse can we have our feet rest other than a pair of adorable ballet flats. They are comfy and girly to wear. Love to wear them over a casual walk in the park or long stroll in the mall.

Boots. Either UGGs, riding boots or high heeled boots. You should have atleast one of every pair I must say. Nothing looks so chic and stylish than a pair of jeans and boots. Perfect on almost every occasion except the most formal ones. For cheap women boots, check out

Wedges. My favorite type of shoes. Heels without the discomfort, need I say more? I have one of every color, they’re just so nice to pair with summer dresses, shorts, tank tops and everything in my closet. A definite must-have shoes of every woman.

Sneakers. Whether you are sporty or not. It’s best to be prepared and have a pair of sneakers in your closet. You’ll never when the need to work-out or run arise. They offer the best support for your arches that prevents you from injuries. Also they are extra comfortable especially if you have to be on your feet for a longer time.

Shoes are beautiful accessories and they make us look good and feel good. No matter how many type of shoes you might have, remember to store and care for it properly to enjoy them at the fullest and maximize their worth. Join the fun by shopping your perfect gown at incredibly low price! Check out black friday sales at blackfridayInTBdress

Lolita dresses

Lolita dresses are a Japanese street fashion inspired primarily by the clothing and general aesthetics of the Rococo and Victorian periods. This fashion movement started in Japan in the 1980’s and has evolved greatly since. Nowadays Lolita Fashion has grown to be relatively popular all over the world.

There are many styles of Lolita fashion dresses. For a wide range of Lolita dresses check out online.

Sweet Lolita is the most over-the-top style and includes intricate sweet details on the dress. It is also the most child-like of the lolita styles, using many bows, ruffles and light colors to make up an outfit. The most common colors used in a Sweet Lolita outfit are pink, white, and other pastel colors.

Classic Lolita is classy, and elegant dresses that traces roots in Victorian fashion, taking inspiration from the floral patterns, classical colors and themes.

Gothic Lolita outfit is usually comprised of black or rich dark colors such as burgundy, purple and navy. It is common for this style to involve details in complementary or contrasting colors, such as the infamous black and white coordination choice.

Lolita Victorian ball gowns are Lolita’s long dresses or gown. Skirts are often worn long with high corseted waists on skirts. Fitted jackets with tail coats,frilly shirts, top hats, and veils are some of the best accessories to go with this type of lolita dress.

 Lolita dresses are an interesting fashion with so many incredible ways to style. Choose one that reflects your personality and be creative while having fun wearing them!

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