Vintage wedding gown

I always like classical and vintage style dresses because they never go out of style and they remain elegant at all times. That’s why more brides are embracing all things vintage and nostalgic. Are you wanting the same theme for your wedding but don’t know where to begin? Let me help you achieve the vintage look for your big day. Check out for cheap vintage dresses available in different cuts and style.

Let’s start with you. Your make up should look vintage too but still fabulous. Classic smokey eyes of browns and creams or soft eyes with bold lips are the perfect combination to achieve a vintage look. A red lipstick sport a classical and vintage look effortlessly.

Hair accessories are a must in vintage weddings. You can have a lot of fun with different hair accessories to choose from. Pin curls, birdcage veil and vintage accessories works well with your hair down or up. Use your creativity and search for inspiration online.

More is more when it comes to vintage wedding jewelries. Look for classical and timeless pieces like pearl earrings or crystal chandeliers for a glam look.

Whichever era you want to portray in your wedding day, make sure that your gown and theme stays in line. You can incorporate this aspect to your wedding decor or table centerpieces. Vintage-inspired garlands or banners are a hit especially one that states “JUST MARRIED”.

Cheap Pumps

Pumps are closed-toe shoes often with a heel that is made of different kinds of materials. The side of the shoe covers the foot completely up to the heel and back of the foot. I own three pairs of pumps and I love them. I use them with my office attire, formal gown and even on sunday dress. Pumps also looks good on skinny jeans and skirts. Every woman in my opinion needs atleast one pair of pumps. There are a number of reasons why and I am here to talk about some of them.

You can style the shoe from casual to dressy to a more formal event. As I mentioned earlier this will blend well with casual fitted jeans up to formal gowns. Pumps with heels draws attention and compliment us in a stylish way. It adds focal point to our outfit and we instantly look stunning and classy on them. offers a variety of styles that are fashion forward and affordable. Check out 


The polished formal look of pumps makes the wearer looks confident and assertive. It also makes one look slender and taller because the heels accentuate the legs. Pumps are a classic style of shoes so it will never go out of style. It looks professional and elegant.

You can wear them to break a monotonous outfit. For example a classic black pumps will look great on an all white outfit. Although the traditional pump is made of leather, different fabric has been incorporating into the modern day pumps. Most women choose pumps to match their attire or gown.

If you are not used to wear high heels, you can opt for a lower or wider type of heels. Since pumps enclosed a portion of your foot, you may try choose a lighter material to avoide blisters and foot problem. This type of shoe is not to be worn all the time especially the “high” ones because it can strain your legs or damage your foot if they are squished for too long. The best fitting pumps leave a thumbnail’s width between the shoe and your toes.

If you are going to buy your pumps online, try on the same pair in a store to ensure the right and comfortable fit on you. Then browse the best deal with the same design online. For the best fit and selection of fashionable pumps visit for a variety of fashionable and tendy pumps that don’t cost a fortune.

Tips for buying an engagement ring

Sometimes when he pops the question a man may already have chosen and bought the ring, but if he’s got any sense, and really wants to melt his girlfriend’s heart, he’ll pay heed to tips for buying an engagement ring.

This is definitely one of the best pieces of tips for buying an engagement ring. There’s no need to aim for being an expert in the 4 C of diamonds, but at least you’ll have some understanding of what the jeweler is talking about.

Don’t be scared to shop around, ask questions and inquire about discounts. Times are hard these days, and smaller jewelers might be grateful for the business rather than none at all.

If your future fiancé is alternative, arty and non-conventional, buying them a single solitaire ring as per tradition will not reflect the wearer’s personality.

A key piece of advice for buying promise rings for girlfriend is that it should be something special, unique and absolutely beautiful that fits into your budget.

You obviously want the best bang for your buck and to still be able to make a statement. A man, however, also doesn’t want to appear cheap in front of his lady.

If you have already bought an engagement ring, what tips would you give to someone looking for an engagement ring and what advice would you give them to help them find the perfect engagement ring?