oh no! My TV tuner!

My TV got broken yesterday when it rained in our place because our roof has holes on it already and we need to renovate our house. It’s sad to know that the tv tuner got broken and it will not be fixed by myself. S I asked my mom to go with me to the mall to ask for a repair for my TV. They told me that I should wait for a week.

Yey! for the Coming Weekend

Playing videos in my computer are one of my favorite things to do while I’m free every weekend. I downloaded a mpeg format of video and tried it to play to my usual video player, but it didn’t work out. I called my friend who is and IT specialist, he told me to download vlc because it will work to all kinds of video format. So I rushed to the computer and download it.

Signal or Battery?

The remote control of my TV didn’t worked yesterday I thought the problem is about the signal but my sister told me to buy a new battery and see if it will work. So I asked our maid to buy a new set of duracell procell aaa for my remote control of my TV, when I replaced the battery it worked well and looks fantastic as ever.